Younes Bahri


Younes Bahri is a film composer who has worked on a range of projects in both film and television. 

In the realm of cinema, Younes made an impact with his work on “Lotfi” a war biopic directed by Academy Award-winner Ahmed Rachedi. Television audiences may recognize Younes’ work in various series, including the dramatic TV series “Yemma” (seasons 2 and 3), directed by Madih Belaïd, where his music played a crucial role in conveying emotional nuances. He also score TV Series “Coeurs Sous la Cendre” and “The Tunnel” both directed by B. Sellami. Another distinctive project in his repertoire is “Llob,” directed by Bachir Derrais, a resuscitated project inspired by Yasmina Khadra’s “Les Enquêtes du Commissaire Llob.”

In 2023, Younes experimented with a different musical language in “Dar Lefchouche” directed by Djaffar Gacem (Achour El Acher, Heliopolis). Here, he blended baroque sounds with traditional Algerian sonorities to mirror the diverse universes within the storyline.

Returning to the big screen, Younes collaborated with director Yasmine Chouikh (Until the end of Time) for the ongoing film “Benkhlouf”. 

He is set to score the upcoming historic blockbuster “Si El Haoues” also directed by Yasmine Chouikh, underlining his continued contribution to cinematic storytelling.

Younes’ musical style is marked by its versatility and melodic richness, combining orchestral elements with electronic and experimental sounds. He explores diverse world music traditions, with a rich background and knowledge of local and Andalusian music, adding authenticity to his compositions.

Beyond film composition, Younes is a multi-instrumentalist and orchestrator, collaborating with orchestras such as the National Symphony Orchestra and the Oran Regional Symphony Orchestra. His proficiency extends to playing the piano, world flutes, and lute. A member of the Society of Composers and Lyricists (SCL, USA) and the World Soundtrack Academy (WSA), Younes Bahri has established himself within the global film music community.