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Younes Bahri to score Si El Haoues

Younes Bahri Composer

Composer Younes Bahri, known for his evocative and culturally infused soundtracks, has been tapped to create the score for “Si El Haoues,” a highly anticipated biopic chronicling the Algerian War of Independence. Produced by the Ministry of Veteran Affairs with the Centre National de l’Industrie Cinématographique (CNIC) as executive producer, the film promises a poignant and historically significant experience.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Yasmine Chouikh (Until the End of Time), “Si El Haoues” delves into the life of a revered resistance fighter, capturing the resilience and sacrifice of the Algerian people during a pivotal chapter in their nation’s history. Bahri’s previous works, including the acclaimed score for “Lotfi”, “Dar Lefchouche” and “Yemma”, to mention but a few, showcase his ability to blend traditional musical elements with contemporary orchestral music, making him a fitting choice to translate the film’s themes into a powerful soundscape.

It is to be noted that this will be the second collaboration between the composer and Director Yasmine Chouikh after the two has already teamed up for “Benkhlouf”, another historic biopic, portraying the life of the poet “Sidi Lakhdar Benkhlouf”. 

“Scoring ‘Si El Haoues’ is a privilege and a responsibility,” Bahri shares. “This story embodies the spirit of Algeria, and I am committed to crafting a score that reflects its emotional depth and historical significance, resonating not only with Algerian audiences but also with all those who value resilience and hope in the face of adversity.”

Younes Bahri’s music is known for its ability to weave together diverse musical influences, drawing on his experience as a multi-instrumentalist and orchestrator. In “Si El Haoues,” he aims to create a score that transports viewers to the heart of the conflict, offering a tapestry of emotions that mirrors the film’s narrative arc.

With its talented creative team and compelling subject matter, “Si El Haoues” is poised to become a major cinematic event when it premieres in 2024. Younes Bahri’s involvement adds another layer of anticipation, promising a score that will both complement the film’s historical themes and resonate with audiences across cultures.

Scheduled for release in 2024, “Si El Haoues” is one of a series of historical biopics produced by the Ministry, alongside titles like “Zighoud Youcef” (Directed by Mounes Khammar) and “M’hammed Bouagara” (Directed by Djaffar Gacem).


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